Named Gift Opportunities

Over the years, many have chosen to provide assistance to OTC and its students through a named gift contribution. Your name, company’s name, or the name of someone you wish to honor or memorialize can be appropriately recognized.

We invite you to consider the wide variety of opportunities and help the College address current needs and prepare for the challenges of the next century. You are also encouraged to work with the OTC Foundation and the College to create other naming opportunities that might be more closely aligned with your special area of interest.

Suggested Minimum Investments

General Endowment Funds

Endowed Scholarships*

Restricted (donor’s special interests)


$500 annual scholarship


Unrestricted (used where the need is greatest)


$1,000 annual scholarship (partial-tuition)


$2,500 annual scholarship (partial-tuition)


$5,000 annual scholarship (full)


*Subject to investment earnings

Special Endowments

Naming opportunities are also available for other funds depending on the needs of the College and the interests of the Donor. Contact the OTC Foundation at 417-447-2651.

Building and Building Components

Ozarks Technical Community College’s procedures on Naming Opportunities are as follows:

1. The Board is responsible for designating names for buildings on campus. Buildings and areas within buildings that may be named in honor of an individual or organization, based upon the following:

  • Meritorious service to the College that had a significant impact on the founding, growth, or success of the College.
  • A significant financial contribution to the College.
  • A combination of meritorious service and financial contribution.

2. Names of buildings or areas should lend presitge to the College and the community. The credentials, character and reputation of each individual or organization for which the naming opportunity is being considered shall be carefully evaluated.

3. If the College changes location, significantly alters a space, or demolishes a building, the College will appropriately recognize the donor through other means.

4. The Board retains the right to name facilities for other reasons not set forth above.