Flight represents a victory over gravity. When birds or planes soar through the air, they are free from the physical laws that keep most things grounded. Education is a lot like flying. When students improve their minds, they give themselves the freedom to pursue rewarding careers and lead fulfilling lives.

Ozarks Technical Community College is committed to helping our students soar. We hope you enjoy the flight-inspired imagery that represents the goals and achievements of our students.

As we look back on the college’s achievements, we look forward to another year – one where our students and faculty continue to connect with their passions, innovate in their fields, and inspire others. The result is a brighter future for us all. Thank you for the role you play in OTC’s continued success. We are proud to share this community with you.

Alumni Association

As a graduate of OTC, you are automatically a member of the OTC Alumni Association. You are very important to OTC and we hope you want to stay connected with OTC and all of the exciting events and resources the College has to offer you.

As a member of our esteemed alumni family, your support in reaching out to prospective and current students, our community, and other alumni is critical to the continued success of the college. You are an invaluable partner in promoting OTC.

To honor this, we provide programs and services that benefit alumni, recognize your accomplishments, and do everything we can to show our appreciation for your continued support. We’re also committed to keeping you up-to-date with what’s happening on campus.

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