Resilience. It’s a unique toughness that gives us the capacity to overcome difficulties. Whether learned or innate, it’s a skill desired by many but held by few.

In 2020, our everyday lives were shattered by the COVID-19 pandemic. Suddenly, the health of the OTC community became a greater concern than learning objectives. But we did more than simply survive the year. Our innovative spirit helped us face new challenges, keeping the goals and dreams of our students alive.

The mosaic imagery throughout this annual report represents the resilience shown by all within OTC. Together, we picked up the pieces of 2020 to create successful, vibrant outcomes for our college community.

Alumni Association

As a graduate of OTC, you are automatically a member of the OTC Alumni Association. You are very important to OTC and we hope you will stay connected with OTC and all of the exciting events and resources the College has to offer you.

As a member of our esteemed alumni family, your support in reaching out to prospective and current students, our community, and other alumni is critical to the continued success of the college. You are an invaluable partner in promoting OTC.

To honor this, we provide programs and services that benefit alumni, recognize your accomplishments, and do everything we can to show our appreciation for your continued support. We’re also committed to keeping you up-to-date with what’s happening on campus.

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