We hope your scholarship makes a positive impact on your education. While there are some obligations for you to fulfill as a recipient, the OTC Foundation is here to help you meet those successfully.

You can view most of the information about your scholarship(s) in the AwardSpring portal you used to apply by clicking the “Awarded” banner at the top of your Dashboard.


What requirements do I need to maintain my scholarship?

The following requirements are mandatory in order to remain in good standing as a scholarship recipient:

  • Submit a Thank You card to the Foundation addressed to your scholarship donor (for each semester awarded).
  • Attend the Scholarship Reception in October.

Failure to fulfill these obligations could result in your scholarship being revoked.


Additionally, your GPA, program of study, course load, and/or other factors made you eligible to receive the award. If your scholarship is one that renews from the Fall to Spring semesters, you need to maintain these criteria to receive the award in the Spring.


What is an OTC Foundation scholarship?

OTC Foundation Scholarships are provided by private donors and administered by the OTC Foundation staff. This is in distinction from OTC Institutional scholarships, which are provided directly by OTC and are administered by the Financial Aid department.

Foundation and Institutional scholarships now have an integrated application, so one application enters a student into all scholarships they are eligible for. The deadlines for applying are:

  • Fall: December 1 – June 1
  • Spring: September 1 – November 1
  • Summer: December 1 – May 1

*Other scholarships awarded directly by non-OTC individuals and organizations are called “External/Third Party” awards. Student Account Services can verify whether you have received one of these awards.


How does an OTC Foundation scholarship work?

OTC Foundation scholarships:

  • Apply directly to student account.
  • Do not affect other Financial Aid eligibility.

The process of an awarded scholarship affecting your student bill happens on a weekly basis, starting after the semester is a few weeks underway.

Most OTC Foundation scholarships are “refundable”, meaning any surplus of award money above your student bill will be directly refunded to the you, via the payment method you have established with Student Account Services. These refunds start processing a week after the last day to drop courses for the semester has passed.


How do you submit a quality Thank You card?

  1. Use a thank you greeting card. Do not use notebook paper or computer paper. Cards are provided at Scholarship Orientation sessions and are always available at the OTC Foundation office located in IC206 as well as all OTC Campus front desks.
  2. Greet the Donor or Scholarship Foundation (ex. Dear Mr. Smith: or Dear Smith Foundation:). For memorial scholarships, thank the family of the deceased.
  3. Thank the donor for his/her gift and explain how it has helped you. Some possibilities include:
    1. How has the scholarship helped you achieve your goals?
    2. How has it made a difference in your life?
    3. How do you plan to use your education?
  4. Finalize with regards (ex. Sincerely, Your Name).
  5. Write your ID number on the outside of the envelope on the back (for scholarship tracking. Do not include personal identification numbers in the card (i.e., student ID number).
  6. Deliver or mail the thank you card to the OTC Foundation. Other OTC centers can inter-office mail the card to the Foundation from their front desk.


The OTC Foundation staff is also happy to assist you in writing your card at either a Scholarship Orientation session or at the OTC Foundation office.

Please mail your thank you card to:

OTC Foundation

1001 East Chestnut Expressway

Information Commons 206

Springfield, MO 65802


When are scholarship Thank You cards due?

Summer Semester: due July 21st

Fall Semester: August 30th

Spring Semester: February 1st


What is the Scholarship Reception?

The Scholarship Reception is an opportunity for donors and scholarship recipients to meet. Food is available when the event begins at 5:30 p.m. You will have the opportunity to meet with the donor or a representative who made your scholarship possible. Each scholarship recipient will have their photo taken with their donor or representative. You will have time to talk or mingle with other scholarship recipients, donors, and college administrators.


When is the Scholarship Reception?

The Scholarship Reception will take place on Wednesday, October 18, 2023. Students that are required to attend will receive a Save the Date reminder and an official invitation to the event with the location and more information.


What is the dress code for the Scholarship Reception?

Business attire

  • Blouse/polo/dress shirt 
  • Dress or skirt/slacks/nice jeans

Please do not feel obligated to purchase new clothing for the event. We just ask that you wear something nice as if you were going to a job interview.


What time will the doors open?

5:20 p.m. (Please do not arrive any earlier than 5:20 p.m. as the doors will be locked).


May I bring a guest?

Unfortunately, due to permitted seating constraints students are not allowed to bring guests or children.


Will there be a registration desk?

Yes, as you enter the venue there will be a check-in desk with your nametag, along with seating assignments.


Do I need to RSVP?

Yes. In addition to electronic notices given, a formal invitation will be mailed to your address. At that time, you will be asked to RSVP.


How will I know what time my photo will take place?

You will be notified at check-in.


I still have questions, who do I contact?

We are eager to answer your question at the OTC Foundation.

For more information, contact us at

Amy Bacon, Executive Director

Cray Allred, Director of Operations

Catherine Walker, Director of Development

Elizabeth Van Ness, Student Support Coordinator

Austin Perkins, Operations Coordinator


OTC Foundation

Information Commons 206

1001 Chestnut Expressway

Springfield, MO 65802