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Building a Community

In the short time since its creation in 1997, the OTC Foundation has impacted thousands of students by helping donors to invest in OTC and improve our community.

The Foundation’s work empowers the college to aid students, families and businesses. While we invest in education, we also invest in economic development. Where else can a person rise from welfare to the workforce in two years? What better way for our community to grow and prosper than removing the stress of poverty?

From scholarships and emergency assistance to building projects and equipment updates, the OTC Foundation works to impact students every day. We see the fruits of our labor each May when hundreds of students walk across the stage at graduation with a smile, knowing they have changed their lives for the better.

None of this would be possible without our supporters – the companies, families and individuals who have invested in education through a gift to the OTC Foundation. We invite you to join us in our mission to create a better community one student at a time.


Invest in Tomorrow

Our current campaign, Invest in Tomorrow, is focused on providing scholarships to students attending OTC. On average, scholarship recipients tend to have higher GPAs and completion rates. The campaign will give students–ranging from single mothers, to veterans to recent high school graduates—an opportunity to invest in their future, creating a better tomorrow for everyone.

To learn more about how we can align your passion with OTC’s mission, or to support the Invest in Tomorrow campaign, please contact us.

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