Impact Students

When a student receives an education at OTC, they are investing in their future and the future economy of Missouri. Obtaining a two-year technical degree allows employees to join the workforce sooner. When accounting for opportunity cost of a two-year versus four-year program, as well as the price difference between OTC and larger universities, OTC is the most logical choice for many students.

Facts About OTC Students

are first generation college students
receive financial aid
of OTC graduates stay in Missouri
veterans attending OTC
work while attending OTC


As the cost of higher education rises and state support declines, students are struggling to pay for college. Few graduate without hefty debt from loans, and the fear this situation causes can inhibit students from investing in their future. This is where the OTC Foundation steps in.

The foundation provides scholarships, allowing students to pursue education without a crippling financial burden. Recipients tend to have higher GPAs and higher completion and retention rates compared with their peers. Financial security allows students to focus on their studies instead of how they will afford their next meal.

With the majority of OTC students qualifying for financial aid, providing scholarships is essential for their success. Not only does a scholarship provide a student the chance for a better future, it instills philanthropic values that will help generations to come.

Student Emergency Fund

The student emergency fund provides assistance for students who are experiencing financial hardship and need aid beyond typical academic items like tuition and books. The foundation serves students facing challenging circumstances such as single parents, full-time workers and survivors of abuse.

This fund helps students meet emergency needs involving transportation, hunger and shelter, so personal problems don’t jeopardize their academic success. These “real life” needs are met with gifts including bus passes, eyeglasses, meal vouchers and other direct costs. The emergency fund is one of the foundation’s fastest-growing.

The OTC Foundation also administers similar emergency funds for our veteran students and at-risk high school students being served through the OTC Middle College.

Impact Employees

The OTC Foundation is not just for students! The foundation helps OTC employees give back to the college and invest in their community. It provides opportunities for employees to serve the students they care about and improve the facilities they work in every day. OTC employees work hard because they believe in the college’s mission of providing affordable, quality education. Many staff and faculty members have committed to donating a small amount of each paycheck they receive. Employees have an investment in the success of the college. Supporting OTC students ensures we all have a bright future.

The foundation also hosts regular employee engagement events including a March Madness tournament, Spirit days, and OTC Family Giving Week the last week of October. For more information see news and events.

Major Projects

In addition to serving students and employees, the OTC Foundation has a proven track record of procuring and managing donations for large-scale projects that benefit the college. In recent years, the foundation has completed capital fundraising campaigns of $14.2 million and $18.3. Some achievements included:

  • Robert W. Plaster Center for Advanced Manufacturing – Fall 2022
  • OTC Republic Center – Fall 2020
  • MHC Diesel Technician Training Center expansion – Spring 2019
  • Early Childhood Education Center Outdoor classroom addition – Spring 2019

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