Traditional Giving Opportunities

Cash Gift or Pledge
The advantage of a cash gift is that the out-of-pocket costs are less than the dollar amount of the gift because of the allowable federal tax deduction and Missouri Income Tax Credit. Pledges need to be made in writing or by means of a pledge card, and cannot be deducted until the gift is actually made.

Real Estate
You can give private, commercial or agricultural property to the OTC Foundation. If your property has decreased in value, you might consider selling it and contributing the proceeds to receive both capital loss and charitable gift deductions. We encourage you to contact us during the early stages of your planning so we can jointly consider the best use of the property by the foundation.

Stocks, Bonds, Securities
These assets may provide an excellent way to make a major gift. A gift of appreciated property (assets now worth more than you paid for them) may enable you the opportunity to deduct the fair market value without the need to pay capital gains taxes if transferred to the OTC Foundation before sale.

Matching Gift
Please check to see if your employer (or spouse’s employer) matches employee donations to qualified not-for-profit organizations like the OTC Foundation. Some companies even double or triple employee gifts.

The OTC Foundation accepts equipment that can be of some use to the College or can be quickly sold. It is best to contact the Foundation Office to discuss potential equipment donations before making your gift. You also must obtain an appraisal for equipment contributions valued at more than $5,000.

Personal Property
Works of art, books, vehicles, etc., are considered gifts of personal property. Your deduction will depend on the appraised value and how the gift will be used by the OTC Foundation or the College.

An endowment is a hardworking, perpetual resource because the principal remains intact, and the investment income is used to provide financial awards to students, faculty and the College. You can make contributions of any size to existing endowments or create a new endowment in your name or someone else’s with a minimum gift of $5,000 with payout after it reaches $10,000.

Scholarship Support
A scholarship provides the financial resources for students to pay for tuition, books and fees and other costs of attendance. Scholarships may be designated to students in any of our programs. Establish an endowed scholarship or fund a scholarship directly with any level of support.