The OTC Foundation would like to send a resounding THANK YOU to all donors! We continue to be grateful for the generous support of our community, which has given thousands of dollars to OTC’s Student Emergency Fund in recent months. Because of you, we were able to help ALL the student-scholars who needed us most this spring─those who were unable to cover essential expenses due to the global crisis. They are especially appreciative of your generosity.

The repercussions of COVID-19 will last well into the semesters ahead, and it’s essential that we continue our fundraising efforts to provide students with the resources they need to succeed. Regrettably, the federal government’s CARES Act leaves thousands of OTC students ineligible for relief funds. And we are pulling out all the stops to make sure no student is left behind.

Our challenge to you is to help us replenish the Student Emergency Fund. Thanks to the Community Foundation of the Ozarks, you can DOUBLE YOUR IMPACT! Dollar for dollar, they will match your donation to the Student Emergency Fund, up to $7,500!

The crisis has had a domino effect that continues to adversely impact our students. Many of them have lost jobs and are unable to pay for expenses, which include:

  • School-related expenses (i.e., laptops, internet connectivity)
  • Utilities
  • Car repairs or emergency transportation
  • Rent or emergency temporary lodging
  • Temporary food subsidies
  • Emergency medical treatments/medications/prescriptions

In the interest of accountability and good stewardship, all requests for assistance go through a deliberative application review and approval process before disbursements are made. And 100% of the donations will go toward student emergency aid.

Will you accept the challenge?

Have any questions? Email us now!